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EBC Tax Credit - BC Residents Only
EBC Tax Credit - BC Residents Only
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What is the EBC Tax Credit?

The EBC Tax Credit is a 30% tax credit on investments provided to BC residents on investments in Eligible Businesses that are also based out of British Columbia.

Ex. If you invested $10,000 into an EBC, during your next Tax Return filing, you can get a return of $3000!!

(Want to know what an "Eligible Business" is and what makes them eligible for this tax credit? Learn more here!)


If you are investing as an individual (i.e. not through a Corporation) you entitled to a 30% refundable tax credit based on the amount(s) invested, up to an annual maximum of $120,000.

If your investment closes within the first 60 days of a calendar year, you can elect to apply the tax credits to the previous calendar year's tax return.

I.e. an investment made January 25, 2024 can be claimed on your 2023 tax return or your 2024 tax return.


Corporate investors are entitled to a 30% non-refundable tax credit, however, there is no annual tax credit limit (unlike individuals who are capped at an annual credit of $120,000). Corporate investors can only claim the tax credits in the year of investment.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Are all British Columbia Corporations "EBCs"? No. You can view a list of current EBC's here.

  2. Is there a minimum I need to invest to qualify for the tax credit? Yes. The minimum will be posted under 'Terms' on the campaign page of an Eligible Business.

  3. I do not live in British Columbia, can I still receive a tax credit if I invest the minimum? No, this is open for residents of British Columbia only.

For more information, please visit the Government of BC's EBC website.

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