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Investment Tax Information

Filing taxes for investments in exempt securities

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Capital Gain Taxation

FrontFundr does not provide tax advice. Please consult with an accountant or legal professional, as applicable.

Generally speaking, for individuals, a taxation event is only triggered upon a sale (capital gain) or receipt of income (interest, dividend payout, etc.).

Tax Credits

If you are eligible for a tax credit on your investment, FrontFundr will have you complete the necessary forms as part of your investment documents.

The terms and conditions of any offered tax credit will be outlined on the company’s campaign page under "Terms".

After the closing of the offering, the company is then responsible for filing the forms as required. Once processed by the applicable provincial security regulator, you will be provided with the tax form and procedure to file with your annual tax return.

Tax Documents

Please note that FrontFundr does not produce any tax documents for investors, including T5 forms. Investment income through the form of dividends will be distributed directly by issuing companies, as well as any necessary tax documents.

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