Campaign Closing

Overview of what happens when a campaign closes

Updated over a week ago

As an investor, when a campaign closes successfully and your investment is accepted by the company, you will receive an email from FrontFundr with your trade confirmation and a link to your investment profile on FrontFundr, where you can find all the key documents for any of your investments, as well as ongoing updates from the companies you invest in or follow.

In cases where the company is using a Voting Trust Agreement, the securities will be registered and delivered to the trustee. Regardless of the registration, you are still the beneficial holder (i.e., you will continue to own all the commercial rights to these shares – for dividends, distributions and liquidity events) but they are to be registered in the name of the trustee per the agreement you signed to help the company administer a large shareholder base. This is also the case if you invested through a registered plan like a TFSA or RRSP.

In cases where you are the registered owner, you will be provided with the certificate or other form of ownership directly.

In some cases on FrontFundr, shares will be issued to investors through either a physical share certificate, or an electronic equivalent called a direct registration statement (DRS). Physical share certificates may be kept in the company’s minute book for safe keeping, but can be provided by the company upon request.

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